Outreach Awards

How to apply for a CU-Boulder Outreach Award

The proposal submission process starts in early March, but we recommend that you begin preparing your proposal now. Be ready to respond to these questions, which are included in the Proposal Guidelines and the online proposal application:

  • Project goals – what will the project accomplish?
  • Timeline – project plans including start and finish dates.
  • Partnerships – how does the partnership mutually benefit faculty, students, and community participants.
  • Student involvement – who will be involved, and what will their roles be?
  • Role of faculty – as a faculty member, what will you do to implement the project?
  • Audience – who is your audience and what plans do you have to include and learn from them?
  • Demonstrated need – what is the demonstrated project need and are you responding to a direct request?
  • Evaluation plans – how and when will you measure progress as the project moves forward?
  • Executive support – plan on asking your department chair or director for an endorsement.
Silva Chang
Lecturer Silva Chang, 2013-2014
CU-Boulder Outreach Award Recipient
Beth Osnes
Assistant Professor Beth Osnes,
2013-2014 Award Recipient
Susan Jurow
Associate Professor Susan Jurow and
Assistant Professor Kevin O'Connor,
2013-2014 CU-Boulder Outreach Award Recipients

Tips for creating a successful proposal application

The CU-Boulder Outreach Award application process is competitive, and not everyone who applies will receive an award. The way in which your proposal application is crafted does make a difference! Here are some helpful tips for increasing your chance of receiving an award. Make sure your proposal application addresses as many of these elements as possible:

  • Clearly defined goals that are consistent with both university and unit missions.
  • Review the campus definition of outreach and engagement.
  • Inclusion of CU-Boulder faculty in an integral role in the project.
  • Explanation of how the project responds to a direct request made by a community or school group.
  • Description of how your proposed project establishes a mutually beneficial relationship with a group or community, with an ongoing dialogue and exchange of information.
  • Explanation of how you will engage a community with limited access to CU-Boulder programs and expertise, ie. a community of minority ethnicity, and/or that is economically challenged.
  • Demonstrate how your proposed project represents an interdisciplinary or collaborative effort among CU-Boulder outreach programs and faculty.
  • Description of creative ways you will make the work of CU-Boulder's distinguished faculty accessible to the public.
  • How you will involve CU-Boulder undergraduate and graduate students in the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of the project.

Make sure to read through the Proposal Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about creating a winning proposal application.

Questions? We are here to help. Contact the Office for Outreach & Engagement at outreach@colorado.edu or (303) 492-4471.

CU-Boulder Outreach Award Committee

Professor Bud Coleman
Committee Chair
Department of Theatre and Dance
Associate Professor Jaelyn Eberle
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Associate Professor Susan Jurow
School of Education
Professor Dayna Mathew
School of Law
Linda Molner Kelley, Ph.D.
Director, Office for Outreach & Engagement
Dorothy Rupert
Former Colorado State Legislator
and Community Representative
Professor Joe Ryan
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Science
Professor Willem van Vliet
Director, Children, Youth, and Environments Center
Program in Environmental Design
Professor James White
Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
Department of Geological Sciences
Environmental Studies Program

Committee Support: Jeanne McDonald, Assistant Director, Office for Outreach & Engagement, Jeanne.McDonald@colorado.edu