Outreach Awards

How to apply for a CU-Boulder Outreach Award

The proposal submission process starts in early March, but we recommend that you begin preparing your proposal now. Be ready to respond to these questions, which are included in the Proposal Guidelines and the online proposal application:

  • Project goals – what will the project accomplish?
  • Timeline – project plans including start and finish dates.
  • Partnerships – how does the partnership mutually benefit faculty, students, and community participants.
  • Student involvement – who will be involved, and what will their roles be?
  • Role of faculty – as a faculty member, what will you do to implement the project?
  • Audience – who is your audience and what plans do you have to include and learn from them?
  • Demonstrated need – what is the demonstrated project need and are you responding to a direct request?
  • Evaluation plans – how and when will you measure progress as the project moves forward?
  • Executive support – plan on asking your department chair or director for an endorsement.
Instructor Marianne Bellino Holbert, 2014-2015
CU-Boulder Outreach Award Recipient