Office for Outreach & Engagement

The Office for Outreach and Engagement (OOE) (formerly the Office for University Outreach) serves the CU-Boulder campus by supporting outreach and engagement activities and initiatives that have evolved as a direct result of recommendations from the Flagship 2030 strategic planning process.

about 1OOE facilitates and connects internal and external partnerships among faculty, students and communities; initiates new opportunities and communication tools; and generally supports collaborations that embed outreach and engagement within the academic role and mission of the university. The office is funded by Continuing Education with additional contributions from the Offices of the Provost and Chancellor.

The CU-Boulder Outreach Awards represent one of the OOE's oldest and best-known programs. Selected annually by the CU-Boulder Outreach Committee through a competitive proposal process, these faculty-driven projects are intended to extend faculty research, teaching and creative work through mutually beneficial partnerships with the community. Since 1999 the awards have been an essential component in making faculty outreach and engagement an integral and significant part of CU-Boulder's mission.

For additional information and to learn more about these and other programs sponsored by the OOE:

CU Engage

The Center for Community-Based Learning and Research (CU Engage) supports programs and initiatives that work collaboratively with community groups to address complex public challenges through academic courses, research projects, and creative work.

about 2Established in August 2014, CU Engage is a campus-wide interdisciplinary center that now directs longstanding CU programs (CU Dialogues, INVST Community Studies, Public Achievement, Service Learning and Puksta Scholars) as well as a new Leadership Minor. Based in the School of Education, the center develops and sustains equity-oriented partnerships, organize opportunities for students to learn alongside community members, and help faculty and students implement ethical and rigorous engaged research.

To learn more about CU Engage programs and initiatives:

CU-Boulder Outreach Award Committee

  • Professor Bud Coleman

    Committee Chair
    Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Associate Professor Jaelyn Eberle

    Department of Geological Sciences
    University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
  • Associate Professor Susan Jurow

    School of Education
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Hayghe

    College of Music
  • Veronica House

    Associate Director, Program for Writing and Rhetoric
  • Professor Dayna Mathew

    School of Law
  • David Meens

    Director, Office for Outreach & Engagement
  • Dorothy Rupert

    Former Colorado State Legislator and Community Representative
  • Professor Joe Ryan

    Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
    College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Professor James White

    Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
    Department of Geological Sciences
    Environmental Studies Program

For CU-Boulder Outreach Award Committee Support Please Contact:

Jeanne McDonald

Assistant Director - Office for Outreach & Engagement

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